OM: Payet and Tudor explain themselves in public, it’s hot

The atmosphere is still just as warm at OM, where Dimitri Payet and Igor Tudor each reacted after the boiling week and the conciliation meeting proposed by Pablo Longoria last Tuesday.

The text explanation between Igor Tudor and the OM innkeepers took place on Tuesday during a meeting which became necessary, but the debriefing took place this Friday in front of the press. It is no coincidence that Igor Tudor and Dimitri Payet spoke to the media this Friday afternoon, in order to take stock of the situation. The Olympian number 10, who knows his weight in the locker room and with the fans, did not hide the main current problem. The Croatian coach’s game plan does not suit him, and he made it known how rarely a player had dared to attack the system of his coach in office. ” It’s a game that goes against what we did last year, possession is not the number one factor. We want a more vertical game with chances that come quickly by pressing high too. For two years, I have been trying to take on myself and see difficult times differently. We have a group that is healthy, when we have a locker room like that, it’s easier to manage. I have my benefits to manage, I am not the social assistance to manage all the problems of the group”, warned Dimitri Payet, who wanted to make it known that he had not requested this meeting with Longoria and Tudor, and that there was a desire to destabilize the group with the revelations about the confusion during training between Tudor and some players.

Football is changing and Tudor believes in its method

In the process, it was Igor Tudor himself who took the microphone to ensure that everything was going very well at OM. For the Croatian coach, the differences with the previous technician are real, but not enough to call everything into question. “ There is a good mentality on the part of the players, we had a good week of work in training. My style is very different from the previous coach. It will take time to get used to it, I am aware of it and the players too. I’ve always believed that results are obtained through fatigue, at the cost of real effort, with a team that runs a lot. Football is evolving in this direction, we see that the teams which have more intensity and play in a more vertical way obtain more results. The example is Milan de Pioli, they understood that football was changing.delivered Igor Tudor, who does not intend to change his way of doing things and coaching anytime soon.

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