OM: Longoria attacks Marseille supporters

In a special season, OM continue to unleash passions, whether positively or negatively. If the Marseille club never leaves anyone indifferent, Marseille supporters have shown aggression on many occasions this year, particularly in the Champions League. A problem to be solved immediately for Pablo Longoria.

There have been a lot of incidents with OM supporters this season. Whether against OL in Ligue 1 or against Tottenham and Eintracht Frankfurt in the Champions League. Despite behind closed doors sanctions and fines, the fervent fans of the Marseille club continue to set fires, and sometimes the mess, during OM’s home matches. Several residents of Marseille have complained to the city hall of Marseille about the behavior of certain supporters. For Pablo Longoria, this is unacceptable, and the club must absolutely resolve this problem. Present at a press conference on Tuesday, November 15, the Marseille president warned the supporters.

Pablo Longoria did not digest the incidents in C1

“I thank our supporters. It is essential to have this support. We work daily to have a full stadium. The atmosphere of the Velodrome is unique. There is room for everyone in this stadium. There is a black point: I did not digest what happened against Frankfurt in the Champions League. We must work with our supporters to make it a stadium where everyone must be safe. We have very good relations with the supporters. In life, you have to assume responsibilities and you have to work with everyone to improve the reception conditions around the stadium. We have lots of things to do. We must respect the fervor, but we must give space to everyone. We have to make a security perimeter around the stadium. We have to improve the experience of coming to the Vélodrome”, said the Spanish leader, who plans to make the Velodrome more accessible to everyone and less dangerous. The images of supporters with smoke bombs in the street in the middle of cars not being considered reassuring. Eliminated from the Champions League, OM will have the opportunity to demonstrate during the rest of the season that they will take this problem of supporters head on, even if Pablo Longoria is tackling a sensitive issue there.

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