OM: Igor Tudor pushes Marcelo Bielsa to scrapping

OM finished the first leg of the championship with 42 points. An impressive total which places the Phocaeans within reach of PSG and Lens. It also puts Igor Tudor at the very top of the hierarchy of contemporary Marseille coaches.

OM have been unstoppable in Ligue 1 for some time. The Marseillais have just chained a series of six consecutive successes straddling the years 2022 and 2023. The victims of the Marseille furia were Lyon, Monaco and recently Lorient. The tough Bretons however led at the Vélodrome on Saturday evening but Igor Tudor’s men turned the situation around without shaking. They seem very difficult to stop this season. The figures prove it, this OM is progressing at a champion’s pace or almost. Out of 57 possible points after 19 games, Marseille has collected 42. Enough to build a solid balance sheet at mid-season.

Tudor has the best Marseille record in the 21st century

It’s even the best for the club in the 21st century. The previous record belonged to the formation of Marcelo Bielsa who had dazzled the 2014-2015 season. With El Loco, OM got off to a flying start before collapsing afterwards. At the time, the Phocaeans had won the honorary title of autumn champion with 41 points on the clock. Igor Tudor will certainly not be fall champion but he did better counting for a small point.

With 13 successes for 3 draws and 3 defeats, we can say that OM have been able to combine successful collective play and efficiency in the results. A feat all the more remarkable as the Olympians had to play the Champions League at the same time and in a shorter time than usual. This was not the case with Marcelo Bielsa at the time. A final element that comes to the credit of Igor Tudor and its president Pablo Longoria, able to offer him a workforce as supplied as it is talented. The criticisms and the whistles towards the Croatian are now far from the Canebière …

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