OM: Igor Tudor fired? Longoria will surprise!

OM will start their Ligue 1 season on Sunday evening at the Vélodrome. And after a mediocre series of preparation matches, and a stir in the locker room, Igor Tudor is expected at the turn.

After the break with Jorge Sampaoli, Pablo Longoria did not procrastinate long before appointing Igor Tudor as coach of Olympique de Marseille. But the beginnings of the former coach of Hellas Verona are complicated, both on a purely sporting level, the fiasco against AC Milan having hurt everyone, but also on a relational level. If on Friday Dimitri Payet wanted to put out the fire by saying that the rumors about a meeting demanded with Pablo Longoria were false, while many media and insiders said the opposite, it is this time a clash between Mattéo Guendouzi, a real leader of the Marseille locker room, and Igor Tudor, who comes back to the surface. In this season which will see OM return to the Champions League, and in the midst of a totally crazy expectation from Marseille supporters, Pablo Longoria must know if he is taking the risk of starting the season with the Croatian coach. For Nabi Djellit, the question does not arise.

Longoria must keep Tudor and shake the players

Indeed, the journalist from L’Equipe has no doubts about the decision of the president of Olympique de Marseille, and he agrees with Pablo Longoria who openly showed his confidence in Igor Tudor. For Nabil Djellit, even if the latter is perhaps not the coach he needed after Jorge Sampaoli, the OM boss must not show signs of weakness against the players. ” That Longoria made a mistake with Tudot by taking a coach with a profile diametrically opposed to Sampaoli is likely. But today it’s his decision, and he has no choice, he must support him otherwise it will set a bad precedent. Imagine that he follows the advice of the executives and that he fires Tudor quickly, the next coach will wonder how things are going in Marseille. At the same time, the executives, it was not Tudor who chose them, if Payet does not want to run in the Tudor method, then Longoria must go to the end of his logic otherwise he will lose politically “says Nabil Djellit, who thinks that the workforce may not fit the style of Igor Tudor, but that the players must make an effort.

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