OM: Guendouzi laughs at this rumor

Loaned to Olympique Marseille by Arsenal, with an option automatically waived if OM stays in Ligue 1, Mattéo Guendouzi wants to discuss his future with the Marseille club.

Pablo Longoria had made a bet by obtaining Matteo Guendouzi on loan from Arsenal, the deal being that the French midfielder will officially be an OM player if Jorge Sampaoli’s team obtains his maintenance in Ligue 1, a clause which is therefore almost acquired and which will cost Frank McCourt’s club a few million euros. While on the side of the Gunners some regret this operation signed with the Marseille club, the 22-year-old midfielder has no regrets for having agreed to join the Vélodrome, not listening to those who promised him difficult days. given his status as a former Paris Saint-Germain player. Having become one of the darlings of Marseille supporters, as his desire to win sticks to the Marseille spirit, Mattéo Guendouzi is delighted with his current situation, and whatever happens on the sporting level he does not envisage in the least to leave.

Guendouzi and OM, it’s made to last

While he joined the French team of Didier Deschamps, and obviously wants to have a place with the Blues for the World Cup in Qatar, Mattéo Guendouzi has no intention of putting pressure on Pablo Longoria. ” If a non-qualification in the Champions League would call into question my future at OM? Not at all. I’m signing up for the long term at OM, it’s not just a one-year loan. I don’t get it into my head that we’re not going to play the Champions League next year. When I have a goal, I really want to achieve it. I have confidence in myself, in us and in the club to achieve this. Whether we qualify or not will not change my wish: to stay at OM “, warns, in an interview with La Provence, the midfielder.

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