OM fully on Lenglet, a big lie

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According to information from the Spanish press, OM are interested in the French defender of FC Barcelona, ​​Clément Lenglet.

In search of a central defender to compensate for the return of William Saliba to Arsenal, Olympique de Marseille has expressed its interest to FC Barcelona for the recruitment of Clément Lenglet. At least that’s what the newspaper Sport in Spain revealed this weekend. Is the track of the former Nancy defender really dug by the OM staff? Absolutely not, according to information from RMC Sport. The radio reveals on Monday that Pablo Longoria and Javier Ribalta have never expressed their intention to recruit Clément Lenglet during the summer transfer window. And for good reason, even before knowing if he is likely to interest Marseille, the defender of the French team has a salary that greatly exceeds the salary grid of the Marseille club. In this sense, a transfer to Marseille is unlikely.

OM are not interested in Lenglet

This does not mean that OM will not be interested in Clément Lenglet later in the transfer window in the event of an opportunity to see Barcelona take charge of part of the player’s salary but for the time being, the track is not not dug by the Marseille staff. For his part, Clément Lenglet is kindly pushed towards the exit by Barcelona, ​​who wants to reduce his payroll and who intends to part with many undesirables whose profile is not unanimous within the staff of Xavi. Clément Lenglet is targeted and has been offered to several clubs likely to welcome him across Europe. A Premier League cador has expressed interest: Tottenham. Antonio Conte believes Clement Lenglet could be a reinforcement for Spurs and his profile is suited to his system of three centre-backs. There is no doubt that if Tottenham were to accelerate on this file, the affair could go to the end and the OM rumor would definitely have to be put away at the bottom of a drawer.

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