OM: Disasi, his poignant message to Harit after the terrible injury

This Sunday evening, the meeting between Monaco and OM was the scene of a serious injury, in this case that of Amine Harit. In contact with the Moroccan at the time of his knee shock, Axel Disasi came out of silence.

Funny start to the week for Axel Disasi. The AS Monaco defender came out angry and frustrated from the meeting between Monaco and OM this Sunday evening at the Stade Louis II. According to him, the referee of the meeting, Benoit Bastien, clearly favored the Marseille club at the end of the match. Shortly before, Disasi was unfortunately the cause of Amine Harit’s injury. The Moroccan, injured in the ligaments of the knee, had to forfeit the World Cup. On social networks, Disasi has been the victim of very violent and racist insults from some ‘fans’ of Morocco. Behavior deplored by Axel Disasi, his club and the world of football. But this Monday morning, the French defender did not only have inconveniences, since he was selected by Didier Deschamps to compete in the World Cup as a replacement for Presnel Kimpembe, package …

Disasi, the poignant message

Despite everything, Disasi especially wanted to send a message to Amine Harit in recent hours, aware of the psychological shock that the OM player had suffered. On Instagram, Disasi said: “ It’s never easy to express yourself in this kind of moment, but the tension has subsided and we have more perspective now. As soon as I saw Amine following our contact, I understood that it was serious and I measured the impact that his injury was going to have for him… Even trying to put myself in his place, I cannot feel a hundredth of what he is experiencing today, and that saddens me deeply. Those who have seen the game and the action in question will clearly understand that at no time am I looking to play anything other than the ball, and that is what I did. For what followed on social media in particular, the insults towards my family, the racism, the disclosure of my phone number… These are unacceptable and incomprehensible things in 2022… I understand that frustration can do say things you regret later, me first as you could see during my post-match ITW last night (“There is no fault, we don’t dance, it’s football, a contact sport”), but there are limits, it’s still sport. Big strength to Amine in this event “. Class from Disasi, who will discover the group of the France team for the World Cup. The Blues will fly to Qatar on Wednesday. Amine Harit, for his part, will start a recovery period. A cruciate ligament sprain is diagnosed.

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