OM: Clash with Sampaoli, Alvaro throws in the towel

Although attached to Olympique de Marseille and its supporters, Alvaro Gonzalez is starting to accept the idea of ​​leaving. A departure this winter seems inevitable for the center-back involved in a clash with coach Jorge Sampaoli earlier in the season.

A few days ago, Alvaro Gonzalez absolutely did not plan to leave Olympique de Marseille before the end of January. The center-back, who is the subject of many departure rumors, joked with supporters on social media. But recently, we learned that the Spaniard is not insensitive to the approach of FC Valencia. First of all, the prestige of this courtier attracted him more than that of Bordeaux, Strasbourg and Saint-Etienne.

“A little fresh relationships”

But above all, Florent Germain suggests that Alvaro Gonzalez understood that he would not succeed in winning the favor of coach Jorge Sampaoli, especially after their clash. “JI think Sampaoli has his idea about Alvaro and indeed it will be complicated, warned the journalist on BFM Marseille. In addition, they have a little fresh relationships. They had almost had an altercation before the match against Paris in October. Like Amavi, Alvaro had extended at the end of last season, he thought he had a role to play with Sampaoli but he realized that he was in the closet and that he played very little. »

« So it had heated between the two men. Alvaro did not want to leave, he did not want to leave Marseille. When there were approaches from French clubs, he said to himself that he deserved a team of better standing. But here there is Valencia which begins to enter the dance in Spain. He knows this area well, he played at Villarreal, recalled the specialist of OM. And there are starting to be discussions. Not between Valencia and OM, but between Valencia and the player’s representatives. To see if he will go to Spain to revive. “No doubt a disappointment for the former holder who had seen nothing coming at the time of his extension last May.

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