OM banned from the transfer window, FIFA strikes hard!

As part of the affair linked to the transfer of Pape Gueye, Olympique de Marseille is banned from the transfer window next summer and in winter 2023. OM will appeal.

The day after the official presentation of Cédric Bakambu, Olympique de Marseille took an uppercut in the jaw, even if this does not call into question the signature of the attacker. Indeed, we learned on Friday that Pape Gueye had been sidelined from the Senegal team, FIFA having suspended the midfielder for four months following the case of his transfer to OM in 2020. At the time, the player from Le Havre had first signed with Watford before finally joining OM, but the English club had not been slow to bring the case before the international football federation. In addition to a suspension for the 22-year-old player, the Marseille club is also entitled to a sanction and this Saturday L’Equipe announces that FIFA has not been kind to Frank McCourt’s club.

Pape Gueye could cost OM very dearly

Indeed, the sports daily specifies that Pablo Longoria has been informed that Olympique de Marseille will not be able to recruit during the next two transfer periods, i.e. the summer transfer window 2022 and the winter transfer window 2023. For the moment, OM have not yet reacted officially to this FIFA decision, but a priori the Marseille president would not be terribly worried, which first involves an appeal from Marseille to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, which will be quickly done very quickly with a suspenseful effect. The response of the CAS following this call should intervene before the next summer transfer window, which reassures the boss of Olympique de Marseille a little. For its part, Watford also want the Provençal club to be fined 10 million euros, and an action before the CAS has also been launched in this direction.

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