OM: Arsenal have a message for Pablo Longoria

Relaunched for a few weeks in the heart of summer, the William Saliba file is to be forgotten for OM.

Arsenal were keen to make this known as the season kicks off this Friday night for the Gunners. Mikel Arteta, who has been so dry with the French centre-back in recent years, loaning him out before even giving him a minute of playing time, has now had a change of heart. The Spanish coach is satisfied with his work and does not intend to leave the window open for a departure. To OM or elsewhere. Even if Pablo Longoria at one point wanted to put the package in to bring him in permanently, Arteta made it clear that the 2022-2023 season would take place with William Saliba in defense of the London club.

A future according to the France team?

Over the past few weeks, he has given us every reason to believe that we made the right decision by loaning him out for a year, said the London team coach. Because he now seems ready to play. Sin ready for OM, we believed and he believed it was the right thing to do. We worked together and that’s the most important thing. Now we are together again and the relationship continues”, underlined the manager of the Gunners, convinced that the adventure really began for William Saliba at Arsenal. The message has passed, even if it will be necessary to remain attentive to the French international central defender, who will not want to be forgotten after having taken advantage of his exposure to OM to get the French team last season. But for the moment, Marseille and Pablo Longoria have understood that it is necessary to forget this track, which is therefore no longer studied by the Marseille club, despite the lack still detected in central defense. It must be said that Igor Tudor does not count on Leonardo Balerdi, and wants a rougher central defender for this season.

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