OM: Another very bad news for Amine Harit?

Seriously injured this Sunday, Amine Harit does not yet have a definitive diagnosis of his injury. And at OM, we really fear the worst.

The visual rendering of the spectacular and spine-chilling image has unfortunately been confirmed by medical examinations. Amine Harit was seriously injured on Sunday in Monaco, abruptly saying goodbye to the World Cup he was to play with Morocco, of which he was undeniably one of the men in form. For the player, the disappointment is necessarily terrible but for now, health takes precedence. And the OM midfielder has still not had a definitive diagnosis of his knee injury. The huge edema in the knee prevents a definitive medical verdict for the moment, but the first indications are not good. Examinations taken overnight from Sunday to Monday confirmed that the ligaments were affected, but the OM press release did not make it possible to see more clearly. The Marseille club mentioned “ left knee cruciate ligament sprain “, but this cautious media release is announced as incomplete according to L’Equipe, which is based on internal sources at the Provençal club.

The verdict in a few days for Harit

Unfortunately, at least one knee ligament is ruptured, and fears are present on the other ligaments and the meniscus. If this were to be confirmed, it would involve a more serious operation, and long-term rehabilitation which would deprive him of almost all the rest of the season. His return to Marseille and his follow-up by Abdou Sbihi, a knee specialist, should make it possible to find out more before the end of the week on the protocol put in place to get him back on his feet. It will take a long time for a key player in Igor Tudor’s squad who had just been bought definitively by OM from Schalke 04. Pablo Longoria welcomed this internally, emphasizing the very good market value of ‘Amine Harit because of his good form and his remarkable performance in the Champions League. It is now to be forgotten, and the Moroccan will follow the world on television, while trying to return to his best level in the coming months.

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