OM: A transfer window with huge surprises?

There is one month left in the transfer window, and Pablo Longoria lets an announcement pass that could absolutely change everything at OM.

One week before the resumption of the championship, Olympique de Marseille has not yet found its cruising speed at all levels. The change of trainer at the resumption of training put a huge cold snap, and inevitably changed many plans. At field level, getting started is complicated and both the results and the performances leave everyone wary. And about the transfer window, it’s still unclear even if OM accelerated by seriously recruiting last week for different positions. But there is still a month of transfer window, and Pablo Longoria intends to remain active to satisfy everyone. The Nuno Tavares and Alexis Sanchez tracks prove it.

Dieng pushed out, it can happen to anyone

And everyone, that means coach Igor Tudor, but also club owner Frank McCourt, who is still waiting for sales to bring some money into the coffers. The pressure rises at this level, and it is also for this reason that Bamba Dieng is clearly pushed towards the exit. Nobody makes a mystery of it now at OM, if the Senegalese does not play in these preparation matches, it is to encourage him to slip away from La Canebière, and join a club in the form of a transfer. at 10 ME.

But whether the departure of Dieng is formalized or not, Pablo Longoria will continue to look at the slightest proposal in the event of an offer. This is the credo of the president of OM for this summer, says La Provence. No player is considered untransferable, and in the event of a good offer, players will be able to leave without batting an eyelid. And no one is immune, including new executives like Mattéo Guendouzi, who has just been bought out, but could be sold if a hearty offer arrives. For the moment, this is not the case, but this position open to transfers could well give ideas to European clubs wishing to strengthen themselves within OM. This is for Pablo Longoria the goal of the maneuver, which could promise a last month of the transfer window much crazier and more lively than expected.

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