OM: A 50 million match, watch out for disaster

OM are heading to Stade Rennais this Saturday evening in Ligue 1. An oh-so-important match for Jorge Sampaoli’s men.

OM only have two games left to play in Ligue 1. A trip to the lawn of Stade Rennais this Saturday evening (9 p.m.) and the reception of RC Strasbourg next week at the Stade Vélodrome. It will therefore still be necessary to work for the men of Jorge Sampaoli if they want to grab second place in the championship. For the moment, OM are three points ahead of AS Monaco, third. A third place that will not qualify directly for the Champions League. And that is of great importance for the clubs concerned, especially OM. In the event of a victory in Rennes this Saturday evening, the Phocaeans would almost ensure their place as runners-up. But in the event of a defeat and at the same time a victory for Monaco against Brest, the repercussions could be quite terrible if OM did not manage to regain their second place on the last day. In any case, this is what we learn The Team.

A trip that can be very expensive for OM

According to the French media, second place in Ligue 1 is expensive, very expensive. The Team values ​​a direct qualification for the Champions League “between 35 and 50 M€, even without winning a single match (2.8 M€ victory in C1) or taking the slightest point (0.93 M€ a draw) and not to mention a possible qualification for the phase direct elimination (9.6 M€ for the 8th, 10.6 M€ for the quarters) ». What add extra importance to this end of the season on the Canebière. Because in case of failure, Frank Mccourt will again have to put the bread in the wallet, especially in view of the investments made last summer by Pablo Longoria, which are not all paid yet. Otherwise, OM will be able to blow a big blow. On the one hand to attract players and on the other hand to relieve its coffers.

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