Olympic’s frontman showed off his boat: Where does Captain Janda sail?

“It’s nothing difficult. It’s like driving a car,” commented the musician, who had to be careful not to shake his girls, sunbathing while riding on the bow. “We come here every year and always stay in the Landa Marina Lipno l apartment, which is completely adapted to children. We eat here or we go a little further to a wonderful fish restaurant,” Petr described, saying that he loves the local carp fries.

Peter Janda to a polka dot party: This year he won’t be leaving the party

Working summer

On the way to Lipno, they also toured České Budějovice. “Last year it was Český Krumlov again, these are educational trips around the cities of southern Bohemia,” informed the rocker, who is otherwise busy all summer. “This summer, apart from a few days in Lipno, I’m not going anywhere at all. We have concert after concert and I’m happy because I think covid will stop it all again. So as long as we can play, we play. The family understands and is not mad at me at all. I will definitely make it up to them in a year,” says Janda emphatically.

Petr Janda: The celebration of the eighties is still going on! And what surprised him the most?

Full calendar

Today, the rocker is performing with his Olympik on the football field in Leskovec nad Moravicí and tomorrow at the Lednice castle. “We have a full calendar until the end of December. But, of course, we are most looking forward to good old Lucerna, the so-called laundry, where we will celebrate 60 years of the Olympics on December 18 and 19.” admitted Janda.

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