Olli Pocher jokes about separation: This is how Patrick Romer counters!

Patrick Romer (26) doesn’t like that! On Wednesday, the farmer is looking for a woman star and his girlfriend Antonia Hemmer (22) announced their separation. After her statement, many celebrities spoke up – including her former summer house colleague Eric Sindermann (34), who had apparently already seen the love coming. The fact that Oliver Pocher (44) is now also getting involved and is taunting the failed relationship online comes with it Patrick not good at all!

In its Instagramstory, Olli shared a screenshot from an article about the couple’s breakup – captioning it, “I thought it would last forever.” Patrick Of course, he didn’t let it sit and reacted promptly to the 44-year-old’s posting in his story. “If anyone knows ‘forever’, they do Olivier Pocher”the cattle breeder ranted, listing all the ex-partners the comedian was already with.

Kader Loth (49) also left after separating from Patrick and Antonia have already spoken. in the celebrity flashinterview, the reality TV icon made it clear that she didn’t think the love-off was final. “I think the two are in a crisis right now, but I don’t believe in a final separation”the former jungle camper explained her attitude.

Antonia Hemmer and Patrick Romer, “The Summer House of the Stars” candidates 2022

Instagram / patrick_romer_

Patrick Romer, Summer House Winner 2022
Kader Loth, reality TV icon

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