Olivier Veran: this story of "watermelon" which places him at the heart of a huge controversy!

He would have done better to choose another expression… Since he became government spokesman, Olivier Véran has to redouble his efforts even more before using certain words. Already that the former Minister of Health saw his speeches scrutinized with a fine toothcomb when the Covid-19 pandemic was raging in the country, the one who replaces Gabriel Attal has become the new favorite target of the opposition. And even more so when he uses expressions that were used for the first time by… Jean-Marie Le Pen.

It’s on the set of LCI, this Sunday, July 24, that Olivier Véran made the NUPES activists jump from their armchairs and sofas. Indeed, the government spokesperson openly tackled the “left watermelon” which is rife, according to him, in the National Assembly. “That is to say green outside and red inside. It is above all post-Trotskyism LFI with a little bit of green varnish around it”, he specifies, emphasizing the fact that there would be “lots of specimens” of this political nuance at the Palais Bourbon.

Olivier Véran copies Jean-Marie Le Pen and is lynched

“The left of government, the one that is capable of making difficult decisions […]this left, I can’t find it today in Nupes, there are some in Nupes, they will reveal themselves, they will come off, at some point Mélenchon’s posture will be unbearable for them”, he added finally. Except that the expression used does not seem to everyone’s taste. Especially among environmentalists, and of course the Nupes.

“Can someone tell him that this expression was invented by Jean-Marie Le Pen?”got carried away Manuel Bompard, deputy LFI on Twitter, while Manon Aubry went further: “By dint of copying the words of the Le Pen family, they will end up copying their ideas”. “1) It’s an expression of Jean-Marie Le Pen. 2) It’s good, watermelon”, finally informed PCF spokesman Ian Brossat. In short, it would seem that Olivier Véran did not succeed in gaining unanimity among his opponents and even gave them the impression of copying the National Front of the time.

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