Olivier Véran tested positive for Covid-19: the Minister of Health takes a radical decision!

The information has just fallen. This Thursday, January 13, 2022, the Minister of Health Olivier Véran tested positive for Covid-19, according to the statements of his entourage. On Twitter, the latter confirmed the information. News that forces him to take radical action. “I have just tested positive for Covid. As a result, I put myself in solitary confinement and continued to perform my duties from a distance. ensuring to go into isolation now.“, he wrote.

The Minister of Health was tested after “the appearance of mild symptoms”, announced his entourage. “As the protocol wants it, being vaccinated three doses, he will respect an isolation and will continue to work from the private quarters of his ministry, where he resides.“, added his collaborators. Olivier Véran, present Wednesday January 12 in the morning at the Council of Ministers, had been warned in the afternoon to be contact case via the application” All Anti Covid “. He had then undergone a first negative test. “Given the appearance of mild symptoms this afternoon, he tested again, positive this time. He also confirmed his self-test with a positive antigen test.“, says one according to the same source.

Monday January 10, before the Senate, Olivier Véran spoke about the end of the vaccination pass: “The day when we will no longer need it, when we are no longer under the threat of a new variant, we will happily do without it.“. An announcement which, of course, was not at all unanimous among Internet users and people against the vaccine.”Lies, lies and more lies… How does the health pass protect us from the threat of a variant? With the outbreak of contaminations and also among vaccinated people, what is his real interest in this pass? Because it is a real colander. If the threat is permanent, that day will never come. So have you disconnected your brains at this point?“, could we read on social networks.

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