Olivier Vandecasteele: a pawn in hostage diplomacy

According to one of its members, Aladdin Touran, the mullahs’ regime is stepping up the hostage diplomacy it is accustomed to.

The Constitutional Court on Friday evening rejected the appeal for annulment brought by the NCRI against the treaty for the transfer of sentenced persons, concluded between Belgium and Iran. If implemented, this text will allow the return to Belgium of Olivier Vandecasteele. The NCRI federates part of the Iranian opposition in exile. The plot for which Mr Assadi was convicted targeted one of his 2018 rallies near Paris. While reaffirming its sympathy for Olivier Vandecasteele and his relatives and demanding the immediate release of the Belgian prisoner, this organization reaffirmed its opposition to the treaty. “The policy of appeasement and concessions to the Iranian regime to release hostages has caused this regime to continue extortion and hostage taking. Only a decisive policy against this regime will put an end to the inhuman tragedy of the taking of hostages (…) The experience of French hostages in Lebanon in the 1980s shows that over the past 43 years, for each hostage exchanged or released with inducements, this regime took or killed at least two new hostages. »

hostages and terrorism

“If Assadi, who planned the bloodiest terrorist crime in Europe, is exchanged for an innocent hostage, the Iranian regime would conclude that it can take more Westerners hostage and commit more terrorist crimes. Because he would be convinced that whatever crime they committed in Europe, they could exchange their arrested terrorists for innocent hostages (…).

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