Olivier Minne has lost 24 kilos, what is his secret?

The TV presenter has lost a lot of weight. A few years ago, Olivier Minne, star presenter of Fort Boyard, weighed 112 kilos. “Last winter, I was still up to 112 kg. Despite my 1.91 m, it’s much too fat! There, frankly, I was no longer going into anything“, he confided to France Sunday during an interview.

To lose a few pounds, he then decided to follow a rather drastic method. Olivier Minne followed a diet based almost exclusively on… peaches: “But I managed to lose 24 kilos by eating practically only peaches”. A mono-diet diet is unbalanced and far from ideal for health because it can cause many deficiencies (in proteins, minerals, etc.). In addition to losing weight, this strict diet promotes muscle wasting.

In the columns of France Sunday, the presenter had also revealed practicing swimming and bodybuilding several times a week. An ideal formula, according to him, to maintain an athlete’s body: “The body no longer reacts the same. And even though aging brings experience, I can’t forget that each passing year brings me closer to the exit door.

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