Olivier Biscaye’s editorial: "The true story"

The editorial for this Sunday, July 24, by Olivier Biscaye, editorial director of Midi Libre.

Would the compromise finally be good? Despised after the legislative elections, its principle proves to be effective. We can mock the political agreements of circumstance, at the end of the weekend, they made it possible to vote for measures that will do good to our wallet. A story that no one wanted to give credit to despite the obvious, there is no choice! Claiming to work for the interests of citizens, on either side of the hemicycle, means accepting new rules of the game. Starting with building majorities on projects that are essential to the French, purchasing power , employment, vocational training, environmental protection… Even the most virulent opponents of the government know that their long-term credit, and therefore their re-election, will go through the stage of constructive exchanges. In the absence of national unity, they will have to favor reasonable unity over the essential. Nothing bad, just realism.

Olivier Biscaye is the editorial director of Midi Libre.

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