Olivia Wilde: How Olivia Wilde Really Sees Harry Styles Split

Olivia Wilde
Disappointed after breaking up with Harry Styles

Olivia Wilde

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Olivia Wilde seems to have more problems with the split from Harry Styles than expected. The actress believed the relationship would weather some difficulties.

It’s all over with Olivia Wilde, 38, and Harry Styles, 28. The two should at least take a break, a source claims to “People”. The public pressure was simply too great, so after almost two years together they mutually decided to separate. But how is Olivia really doing with the love?

Olivia Wilde thought she could get through the troubles

After all, the actress and director was madly in love with Harry, who was twenty years her junior. There was even talk of an obsession when she left her husband Jason Sudeikis, 47, and followed her feelings. It is said to have been very difficult for her in particular to accept that the relationship with Harry could not withstand the external pressures. “The break was difficult for Olivia. They had some issues but Olivia thought they would get through it all. She’s disappointed. It’s just a difficult situation though,” the insider continued.

Chris Pine and Harry Styles

Love comeback with Harry Styles?

A friend added that Olivia and Harry just had “differing priorities that keep them separate.” Harry is still touring abroad and Olivia has a job in Los Angeles and two children she doesn’t want to neglect.

Will it really just be a break and will Olivia and Harry get back together? Both of them hardly ever talk about their private lives in public, especially not about relationships. So we probably won’t see a comeback from Olivia and Harry directly.

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