Olga Zumarán defeated cancer after successful hysterectomy

After starting his treatment for cervical cancer at the Edgardo Rebagliati National Hospital, Olga Zumarán she has come back to life after a hysterectomy, a surgical procedure where her uterus was removed, so the carcinoma found in that area is no longer life-threatening.

The actress said that two weeks after the operation, she feels in excellent health and infinitely grateful to God, her family and the doctors.

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They took out my ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus, the doctors tell me that I have a very good prognosis, because they caught the disease at the beginning, in the first instance and they told me that it was for prevention, the prevention work that I have done every year with my controls, my check-ups. That has been essential to get out of this cancer that was overwhelming me and had me worried “, she pointed out quite excited.

Olga Zumarán invoked all her followers to undergo preventive check-ups, as it is the only way to stop all diseases.

“I want to invoke women and men to have their check-ups every year, because I believe that all diseases, when we catch them in a first stage or first phase, can be solved and if it is more advanced, we must first trust God and then in the hands of the doctors ”, the actress pointed out.

As explained by the doctor Manuel Fernández, surgical manager of the Edgardo Rebagliati Hospital, the actress will not have to undergo radiotherapy, chemotherapy or other oncological treatments

“Her entire uterus has been removed, including the cervix where the lesion was, which was microscopic. When performing the hysterectomy, you will only require this surgery as treatment, that is, it will not require radiotherapy or chemotherapy or other oncological treatments “ Fernández pointed out.

EsSalud has four Preventive Oncology Centers that serve the insured in Lima and Callao. To date, they have performed more than 163 thousand visits, including consultations, preventive check-ups, procedures, radiological examinations and recovery actions to insured patients.


Trome | Olga Zumarán reveals she has cervical cancer

Trome | Olga Zumarán reveals that she has cervical cancer (Instagram)

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