Olga Tañón’s daughter inspires her followers with her entrepreneurship

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The daughter of the renowned Puerto Rican merenguera, Olga Tañón, who suffers from a strange disease in the immune system, has impressed her followers with the creation of her own artisan soap company.

That’s right, in addition to being a living miracle, Gabriella Denizard Tañón, has decided to venture into the creation of handmade soaps, with the support of his mother and his entire family. This Wednesday on his Instagram account, he made a Live with Olga, to show how is the preparation of the Scrubs of his online store named Gaby DT Soft.

In the video we see how Olga explains to her to greet her followers and then, in the preparation of the Scrub, she indicates how to do it and she, in a serene way says that she likes doing this work because it helps her with her therapies, in addition to earn your own money and be independent.


But do you know Gabi’s condition? Well, it turns out that from 6 months of age she has been hospitalized at least 4 to 5 times a year until 4 and a half years ago that her parents knew about a supplement, which has done a miracle in her immune system, achieving great changes in their quality of life and notable improvements.

Today he is 24 years old, has health and a full life. Throughout her healing process, both Olga and her father have accompanied her and now, she is an example of self-improvement and motivation for many people in the world.

“With the experience of my mother and the support of my family, Gaby DT Soft has become one more reason to thank, as well as the opportunity to create and bring to all of you a quality product; and most importantly in one more step to achieve my independence, have fun in the process and move on “says part of the presentation of their products in their online store, which we can know HERE.

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