Old Pension: Good News! Old pension scheme restored for government employees, high Court has issued the order

Old Pension Scheme: Various discussions are going on across the country regarding the restoration of old pension news. In the midst of this, the central government has given great relief to some employees.

For some special people doing government jobs, the government has decided to restore the old pension system (OPS). Delhi High Court has given a big decision regarding this. The High Court has told that all the people across the country want to take advantage of the Old Pension Scheme, but at this time it is being restored for some special people.

Delhi High Court has issued the order giving information that the Central Paramilitary Forces (CAPF) will get the benefit of the old pension scheme. The court has told that it is an armed force, due to which these people will get the benefit of OPS. They are eligible for this scheme. Thousands of ex-servicemen are expected to get great relief from this decision of the court.

Will always get the benefit of old pension

Justice Suresh Kait and Nina Bansal’s bench has ruled on 82 petitions and has said in its decision that whether someone is recruited in these armed forces today or whether someone has been recruited before or will come If there is any recruitment in time, then all those people will come under the ambit of old pension only.

Central forces got a lot of relief

Let us tell you that the detailed copy of this decision has not been uploaded on the website yet, but this decision of the government and the court has given a lot of relief to the central forces.

What are the advantages of old pension scheme?

Talking about the benefits of the old pension scheme, its biggest advantage is that it is made on the basis of the last drawn salary. Apart from this, as the inflation rate increases, DA also increases. Even when the government implements the new pay commission, it increases the pension.

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