"old filth", "pork", "pervert" : Marc Lavoine lynched on the Web, this gesture "moved" in the "star Academy" earns him the worst reviews…

The “Star Academy” made its big comeback on October 15 on TF1. Since then, the show has not ceased to make ink flow. This Saturday, November 19, 2022, the telecrochet was also at the heart of a lively controversy. The reason ? The Léa / Marc Lavoine duo. During the last prime, the candidate shared the stage with the 60-year-old singer. Unfortunately, the interpreter of “Toi Mon Amour” has been singled out by many Internet users who are visibly outraged by his “inappropriate” behavior.

“The age of being his father”

“I’m the only one who finds that Marc Lavoine behaved very badly with Léa by kissing her on the hand, kissing her on the neck when it is obvious that the girl does not like physical contact? », « Total embarrassment. Good and the kiss in the jackal’s neck, it was a bit too much”, “I found the whole duo with Marc Lavoine very uncomfortable. I saw Léa very uncomfortable, even if she tried to be in the duo. I also had the impression that the teachers did not approve of Marc Lavoine’s behavior”, “Marc Lavoine who kisses young Léa on the neck, who is already stressed that her whole performance will change. Normal. Old filth goes”, “Well, there we totally witnessed an inappropriate gesture live, quiet Marc Lavoine this kiss in Léa’s neck? We don’t bother you too much? “, “It is really repulsive. How can you stay calm in the face of this perverse attitude? She did it anyway! » ; “A kiss on the neck is something intimate. There, she is still kissed by a ‘stranger’ of the age to be her father… I’m not her, but frankly if I were in her place, I wouldn’t have appreciated…”; “This Marc Lavoine pig who surprises my cousin Léa in the neck in the middle of Star Academy bonus, we talk about it? She was embarrassed and surprised”, could we read on the networks. Fortunately, the artist was also able to count on the support of his admirers to defend him.


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