OL: The players accused, the problem is them!

OL’s season turned into a disaster with elimination in the quarter-finals of the Europa League and a disappointing eighth place in Ligue 1.

The results are clearly not up to the goals set at the start of the season by Jean-Michel Aulas, which automatically weakens coach Peter Bosz. Before the victory against OM a week ago, the president of OL nevertheless comforted the Dutchman. But the defeat of Lyon on the lawn of Metz, red lantern of Ligue 1, inevitably cooled the leaders of Lyon. It is now almost certain that Olympique Lyonnais will not qualify for the European Cup next season, which could motivate Jean-Michel Aulas to change coach. However, this is not the solution to all the ills of OL according to Nicolas Puydebois, who estimated in the program As long as there will be Gones on Olympique & Lyonnais that the players were also responsible for the situation.

Nicolas Puydebois accuses OL players

The proof, Peter Bosz is not the only one to have broken his teeth at OL. Hubert Fournier, Bruno Genesio or even Rudi Garcia can testify to this. “We need to better target player profiles, the state of mind. We have to review the way we recruit and the players we recruit. The coaches pass with Fournier, Genesio, Garcia and Bosz who all 4 had different philosophies but we have been making the same observation for 5-6 years. No leaders, no charisma, no revolt, we let ourselves live. If it’s not the coaches, we have to look at the workforce. There is an OL DNA apparently with a culture of winning and we must provide these young center players with players who have a state of mind. launched Nicolas Puydebois, for whom Olympique Lyonnais must pay more attention to the mentality of players recruited during the transfer window. Because for the former OL goalkeeper, it is not the successive coaches who are mainly responsible for the current situation.

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