OL: The locker room is laughing, he can’t believe it

Arrived in January to everyone’s surprise, Amin Sarr is increasingly making his mark at OL. The young Swedish striker has to adapt to Ligue 1 and his team helps him as best he can. The working atmosphere is top notch.

Unknown then decried, Amin Sarr began to win the support of Lyon supporters. Bought for 11 million euros by OL this winter, the young Swede is accumulating more and more playing time with Laurent Blanc. If he still has technical waste, his progress is undeniable. He scored his first goal at Angers last weekend, also being a decisive assist for Barcola. In the middle of the week, he delivered another encouraging performance against Grenoble in the Coupe de France. His understanding with his young partners was interesting, as was his activity for 90 minutes.

Sarr, good at OL and soon to be excellent in Ligue 1

OL know the player better than Amin Sarr. However, the man is still quite mysterious. This Friday, the young Swede finally expressed what he felt at a press conference. He notably gave his opinion on Ligue 1, a more difficult championship than that of the Netherlands. ” The league here is better than in the Netherlands. It’s more physical, more technical, I have to adapt to all that. I have the feeling of learning every day with the more experienced players who speak to me on a daily basis. I see a bright future here, gotta keep working hard “, he said.

His teammates are therefore a precious help in his eyes in this Ligue 1. He confirmed it later, describing the internal atmosphere. The Lyon locker room, often accused of being lazy and divided this season, has been showing a good face for several weeks. Speech by Amin Sarr. ” Since I arrived I see more intensity. We are ready to fight for each other. We laugh more in the locker room, we make jokes, we see more positive players and it shows on the field. We must continue on this path “, he confided. Proof of the work done by Laurent Blanc at OL and renewed ambitions. Amin Sarr will nevertheless have to continue his progress so as not to slow down this great collective dynamic.

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