OL-PSG: Lyon has decided for its 5,000 happy supporters

Reduced gauge requires, Olympique Lyonnais will only be able to count on 5,000 supporters on Sunday at Groupama Stadium. OL had to make a choice.

With 20,000 subscribers during this 2021-2022 season, Olympique Lyonnais knew that he was going to make thousands of people unhappy for the gala match against Paris Saint-Germain, since the prefect confirmed the government order to limit the gauge in the stadiums due to the current health crisis. OL therefore had to find a way to choose the 5,000 lucky winners for this “reduced gauge” ticket, knowing that the club had let it be known via the stadium director that it “ would favor our economic partners who have supported us for two years. We have very significant ticket office losses and financially speaking, these are large sums at stake for the clubs. “Now, the choices are made and the 5,000 privileged have been informed that they could attend the closing meeting of the 20th day of Ligue 1, where the club of Jean-Michel Aulas had sold 55,000 places for this meeting.

Subscribers since 2015-2016 and the most loyal partners rewarded by Lyon

In order to designate the “winners”, L’Equipe explains that Olympique Lyonnais chose the “ most loyal partnerss ”, and above all retained those who had subscribed since the 2015-2016 season. One way to reward supporters over time. On the side of OL we are now crossing our fingers so that Roxana Maracineanu keeps his promises and that for the reception of AS Saint-Etienne, on Friday January 21, the gauge is linked to the capacity of Groupama Stadium and not set authoritatively. with 5,000 seats. Until then, Lyon still wants to give its fans a little gift, and the pre-match and post-match Sunday evening will be given for free on OL Play, as will the live broadcast of the match on radio mode.

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