OL: Peter Bosz wants to stay, two names make Aulas hesitate

The end of the season is approaching and all eyes are already on the next one for OL, where coach Peter Bosz is weakened.

Eighth in Ligue 1 and eliminated in the quarter-finals of the Europa League, Olympique Lyonnais has nothing more to hope for from the current season. Wednesday evening, the stunning victory of Nice against Saint-Etienne definitively ended the hopes of European qualification of OL, which will have to be satisfied with the championship next season. But with which coach at the head of the team? The moribund results of this year have logically weakened Peter Bosz, who wishes to continue the adventure at Olympique Lyonnais in order to prove that he can be the man for the job according to L’Equipe. But in its edition of the day, the national daily recalls that Jean-Michel Aulas is still hesitating. And for good reason, even if he is not a man to fire his coaches after a year, the president of OL does not digest the lack of European qualification.

OL are still thinking of Stéphan and Galtier

Peter Bosz wants to stay and Olympique Lyonnais had planned to reinforce him, as indicated by Jean-Michel Aulas a few days before the unexpected success in Marseille. But the elimination in the Europa League, the lack of regularity at the end of the season and the defeat in Metz annoyed internally. This is why OL scrutinizes the profiles of several coaches. Among the coaches followed by the Lyon management, Julien Stéphan is at the top of the list. Jean-Michel Aulas admires the work done by the former Rennes technician on the Strasbourg side. On his Twitter account, “JMA” had denied the Julien Stéphan track and yet, L’Equipe confirms that it is real or that at least the OL staff appreciates the profile of the Alsatian coach. Another French coach likely to appeal to Jean-Michel Aulas is Christophe Galtier. The adventure turns sour for the 2021 French champion on the Nice side, where relations are strained with supporters and certain members of management. In the event that Christophe Galtier suddenly leaves Nice to everyone’s surprise, there is no doubt that Jean-Michel Aulas, who made the native of Marseille his priority last summer, will have a hard time letting him pass a second time. Peter Bosz is therefore warned…

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