OL: Peter Bosz assumes his anti-PSG tactics

Even if Olympique Lyonnais started their year 2022 rather well with a good match against Paris Saint-Germain last Sunday (1-1), Peter Bosz’s team will have to do much more to save their season.

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Eliminated from the Coupe de France because of some of its supporters, the Rhone club will seek to limit the damage in L1, while aiming as high as possible in the Europa League. But to get back on the podium, Gones’ priority objective this season, OL will have to row. Since OM, currently third, is 11 points ahead of Lyon. A chasm that Peter Bosz’s group will have a hard time filling during this second part of the season, especially if OL can no longer find their way back to victory, as has been the case since the end of the month. November… A bad period during which Bosz came up against the harsh reality of the French championship, when the teams refused to play the game in order to have results. At least that’s what he was told before he took over OL, even if he admits to having changed his plans to face the PSG armada.

“I didn’t know before, because in Germany, you don’t see L1 on TV”

“I always said that I was there to win games, if possible with the manner, to make people say: ‘Wow!’. Sometimes, we played at times with a lot of pressure on the opponent, play, goals… but never over 90 minutes. And as we lost too many points, we said to ourselves: “OK, even at home, against PSG, we have to be realistic, en bloc, compact, aggressive”. Our boulder went down 20 or 30 meters. Of course, because there is a big team in front, but it is also realism. I don’t remember having coached a team with only 32% possession, it’s true, but we have more shots on target than PSG in the end. The philosophy remains the same with me. As soon as possible, we will put this block 30 meters higher. But we don’t face PSG every week either. Low blocks in France? I didn’t know it before, because in Germany, you don’t see L1 on TV. It’s a change from the Netherlands. I knew teams and everyone told me that in France, it’s low block, game against, etc. But it was not always true. Before the break, even Metz came to get us for example ”, admitted, in Le Progrès, the coach of OL, who realizes that he will have difficulty setting up his project in Lyon in a very tactical L1, and less open than a championship like the Bundesliga.

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