OL-OM never again, the LFP has decided

The incidents of last season, the LFP no longer wants to see them. But the cacophony during the famous OL-OM match was also taken into account for new rules.

It sometimes takes sad precedents to bring certain points to light. In November 2021, the match between OL and OM lasted only a few minutes, before Dimitri Payet received a bottle of water on the head. The meeting was then interrupted, never to resume. After nearly two hours of various deliberations, the match was called off. The cacophony that had taken place clearly did French football a disservice, where everyone defended their side without worrying about the general interest, the physical or psychological health of the players, and above all feared fines, penalties and lost points. . But above all, between the referee, the prefect, the presidents and the players, each one increased the pressure on his side without a decision falling during an interminable wait.

30 minutes maximum for a decision

Aware of this dysfunction and the bad image it generates, the LFP has decided to take several measures before the resumption of the championship, deciphers L’Equipe. Not only will it now be forbidden to enter the stadium with any type of container, but in addition a decision on the resumption of the match will have to be made in less than 30 minutes. For this, the presidents and representatives of the clubs will absolutely no longer have the floor. It will be the referee who will form a crisis unit with the representatives of the authorities. The resulting decision will therefore be indisputable, unless the Prefect reports a risk of public order disturbances, and in this case, it will be the latter who will be responsible for whether or not the match is held. A way for the LFP to relieve the referees, who suffered from events, anger and criticism, while they will now have a clear position with the police, which only the Prefect can change in the event of force majeure.

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