OL: No mole in Lyon, the locker room has been cleaned

Long criticized for his impulsiveness, Anthony Lopes showed restraint last season. Behavior only adopted in public, admits the goalkeeper of Olympique Lyonnais, much less calm internally.

Anthony Lopes has set the record straight. While his leaders doubted his performance, even considering the arrival of André Onana to compete with him, the Olympique Lyonnais goalkeeper is coming off an excellent season. His team only finished in eighth place in Ligue 1. But the ranking would have been much worse without the good performance of the Portuguese international, inevitably proud of his performances.

Lopes savors his season

Compared to the season I did a year and a half ago, I have improvednoted Anthony Lopes in an interview with Olympique-et-Lyonnais. I needed to question myself, to be surrounded… I know where I am. I get to know when I’m good, and when I’m not. But I have always subscribed to the collective, never to the individual. In a team sport, this seems essential to me. “For the good of the team too, the Rhone goalkeeper adopted a better attitude on the ground, he who was criticized for his impulsiveness. Except that in reality, the Gone has not changed internally.

Less blood? You haven’t seen me in the locker room (laughs)he joked. Of course, last season was tough, but you have to manage to make sense of things. I have evolved in many aspects. There are certain things that happen in the locker room that we can’t bring out here since the intimacy of the group takes precedence over the rest. When there is less information from the life of the group coming out, it is better for everyone. When you arrive in front of you (the media), in the mixed zone for example, you have to manage to weigh your words even if there is sometimes nervousness behind. To believe that Anthony Lopes is also a good actor.

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