OL: Newcastle listens to Bruno Guimaraes and looks at Paqueta

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A few days ago, Bruno Guimaraes made a huge appeal with his foot to Lucas Paqueta, whom he would like to find in Newcastle.

A few months after selling Bruno Guimaraes to Newcastle, OL found themselves once again associated with the Magpies on the transfer window front. And for good reason, Lucas Paqueta is panicking the leaders of the Premier League and Newcastle could quickly show interest in recruiting him next summer. It is in any case the deep wish of his best friend Bruno Guimaraes, whom he rubbed shoulders with for a year and a half at Olympique Lyonnais. “The player I would like to see arrive at Newcastle? Package! He’s my brother, my best friend and I get on really well with him. We have the same way of thinking, we are the same age and we were together every day. confided Bruno Guimaraes on the official Newcastle website. A very clear foot call that did not go unnoticed by the Magpies.

Eddie Howe discusses the Paqueta track for Newcastle

Newcastle coach since the takeover of the club by Saudi Arabia, Eddie Howe reacted to the call from the foot of Bruno Guimaraes to recruit Lucas Paqueta. And the former Bournemouth coach is not closing the door on the arrival of the Brazilian international from OL. “I have never ignored a recommendation from anyone. But of course I have to go through a process of observing and analyzing the player’s performance and profile to see if he fits the style we want the team to have.” explained the Newcastle coach at a press conference before continuing. “I know Bruno’s relationship with Lucas Paqueta and with several of his former teammates. It can help to have players who know and like each other. Sometimes that can be invaluable in a team.” concluded Eddie Howe, who therefore does not rule out an offensive to recruit Lucas Paqueta in the coming weeks, even if the Newcastle coach will not rely solely on the recommendation of Bruno Guimaraes to make his choice.

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