OL: N2 or Turkey, Marcelo hesitates

Removed from the Lyon professional group since the OL debacle in Angers 3-0 on August 15, Marcelo uses his experience with the reserve in N2. Lyon would however like to save his important salary and the light could come from Turkey on this file.

Juninho or not Juninho, OL must continue to manage their problems and Marcelo is a very important one. The 34-year-old Brazilian defender is still linked to the Lyonnais until June 2023. He receives three million euros per year, being part of the eleven Lyonnais in terms of remuneration. The problem is that he is no longer in OL’s lineup in the field. He was in fact dismissed by a disciplinary measure against him for bad behavior, this after the defeat at Angers 3-0 last August. Since then, he has been treading the grounds of National 2 with the Lyon reserve, even being praised for his seriousness and his behavior.

Turkish offer for Marcelo

But, despite his good sporting dispositions, the financial problem that he poses is making the Lyon accountant dizzy, especially with the limited income at the stadium at the moment. OL want and must sell this player who does not intend to give gifts, especially after being sidelined. The miracle could come from Turkey. According to RMC Sport, Fatih Karagümrük SK made an offer to the club of President Jean-Michel Aulas to afford the services of Marcelo. If the amount is not specified, however, that would be good news for OL and for its finances. However, Marcelo remains to be convinced to join Istanbul and the current 13th in the Turkish championship, something which will not be easy even if the Brazilian retains good memories in this country. In 2016-2017, he defended the colors of Besiktas with a Turkish league title and a quarter-final in the Europa League.

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