OL make an announcement, Aulas is fed up

After another season without the Champions League to play, OL Groupe’s annual financial report could be feverishly awaited in the Rhône. Finally, the figures are good and reflect a gradual recovery in post-Covid activity. Something to reassure Jean-Michel Aulas.

Among the figures eagerly awaited by Jean-Michel Aulas, there is not only the number of points for OL in Ligue 1. The financial results of the season for OL Groupe remain a highlight in the life of the club Lyons. This is all the more true with the particular economic model of OL and the dependence on its working tool, the Groupama stadium. This last financial year was again marked by the health context with the Covid, which however made Lyon’s plans less complicated. The other black spot for OL in this 2021-2022 season remains the non-participation in the Champions League and the absence of many millions of euros linked to the prestigious European competition.

A growth of 42%, the level of 2019 almost reached

In the Rhône, one could fear apocalyptic figures. Finally, it is time for relief and optimism. OL Groupe has published the activity for the 2021-2022 financial year, i.e. from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022. Production amounted to 252.5 million euros. A figure well above that of the previous season, which had been greatly marked by the Covid and the closed doors. OL Groupe is growing by 42%, its products have therefore brought in 75 million euros more in one year.

The return of the public has strongly contributed to these figures, despite the matches behind closed doors linked to the incidents at OL-OM last November. The ticket office brought in 34 million euros more than in 2021. The return of events and seminars also bore fruit, as did the reopening of the club’s shops. Finally, in addition to publicity, outgoing transfers were successful with 92 million euros won, a positive balance of 32 million euros. These figures should be put into perspective since they are lower than the 309 million euros gleaned in 2019 for the last pre-pandemic exercise. According to information from Progress, John Textor aims to exceed 400 million euros in income from activities in four years. If OL are pitching sportingly, financially the Lyon ship has almost resumed its cruising speed to the delight of Jean-Michel Aulas.

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