OL: Dembélé’s attitude against West Ham makes the English jump

OL failed to win at West Ham on Thursday evening, despite a long numerical superiority. A red card that infuriates the English.

It is rare to see a French club traveling in the European Cup being accused of having benefited from the largesse of arbitration. The English do not budge after the draw between West Ham and OL. For London observers, the Lyonnais benefited from a refereeing boost with the expulsion of Aaron Cresswell just before the break. The English defender, however, held Moussa Dembélé by the arm, who was heading towards the goal, without even trying to play the ball. The red card brandished by Felix Zwayer annoyed, but it’s nothing compared to the attitude of the Lyon striker. The latter “preferred” to fall to the ground feeling that he was slightly hooked, says the English press, and was proud of his shot by slipping a little wink at the camera when the referee brandished the Red card. An attitude which was not necessarily necessary, especially since the fault is very real, and which obviously quite excited the fans of West Ham.

Joe Cole and objectivity, that’s two

Speaking of West Ham fan, Joe Cole is a Hammers kid, and he commentated the game for UK operator BT Sport. With merciless remarks against the referee and the Lyonnais, whom he accused of a bit of everything. ” Dembele feels the contact, he knows it’s a big opportunity and expects it from his opponent. But you have to look at the laws of the game, he moves away from the goal on the action. The referee had a very difficult game. We talked about the experience in Europe. Lyon remained on the ground, they slowed down the game on multiple occasions. Contentious decisions, they often go to the home team, but he whistled everything for them “, Accused the English midfielder passed by Lille, and who therefore accuses OL, who tried to put the rhythm in the second half while West Ham was only defending and gaining time.

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