OL deadbeat and sexist, the accusation falls!

In a column published on Tuesday, Icelandic player Sara Björk Gunnarsdottir denounced the behavior of OL leaders during her pregnancy. Unpaid wages, threats from Vincent Ponsot and contempt from Jean-Michel Aulas are the strong ideas of his text.

For nearly 15 years, OL has appeared as a stronghold, or rather the stronghold of European women’s football. Winner of the Champions League eight times, the Rhone club is a real brand among women who have been able to attract the best players from around the world. Among them, the Icelandic Sara Björk Gunnarsdottir who spent in the Rhône between 2020 and 2022. Her Lyon career was marked by a pregnancy which occurred during the year 2021. A moment always strong in the life of a which was spoiled according to her by the leaders of OL.

OL deny having mistreated their player

This is what she explained in a column published on the site Theplayerstribune. In question first, the attempt of the club to avoid the payment of his salary during his maternity. “ Vincent (Ponsot) apologized for the two months that I missed and said that I will be paid. But for the third month, he said something about them following French law. Which meant they owed me nothing else. Dietmar (his agent) kept telling them, “Hey, there’s still a lack of salaries. But we got no response. The players’ union in France got involved, then Fifpro. Weeks turned into months. Still no full salary. OL refused to give a clear answer on the criterion applied. Finally, Dietmar told Vincent that Fifpro was going to fight this at FIFA level. Vincent then said: “If Sara goes to FIFA with this, she has no future in Lyon. » »

Finally, last May, FIFPro condemned OL to pay him the wages claimed. But, it does not stop at a simple financial question. Gunnarsdottir believes that the Lyon club sidelined her after her pregnancy. She couldn’t travel with her baby. An infant who would have gradually aroused the coldness of Jean-Michel Aulas towards him. “ The president also entered the room while I was there. It was the first time he had seen me since I had returned with my baby. He didn’t even greet me, look or greet Ragnar “, she let go. An attitude which, according to her, conditioned her departure for Juventus last summer.

In a press release, OL reacted to the words of its former player. The Rhone club denied having treated Gunnarsdottir differently from other elements of the group, claiming to have done everything possible for his comfort. OL took refuge behind French law to explain the problems encountered by their player. ” We are proud to have counted Sara Björk Gunnarsdóttir in the squad of Olympique Lyonnais. Our paths separated for purely sporting reasons. If she wishes to help us today to further develop French law, we would be happy to be able to involve her in our efforts alongside Amel Majri to enable all athletes to fully experience their pregnancy, as well as their return to the competition “, he concluded. One more problem for OL, President Aulas and Vincent Ponsot. This is especially task since it affects the club’s most successful team in recent years.

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