OL: Cheyrou reveals his transfer window, nothing will change

Mocked on social networks since his remarks on the transfer window of Lyon at the beginning of the summer, Bruno Cheyrou remained more cautious in evoking the winter transfer market.

It was a sequence that looped when the sports results of Olympique Lyonnais took a nosedive, unlike those of OM. At the beginning of July, Bruno Cheyrou, head of the OL recruitment unit, had highlighted his transfer window, saying without laughing that he had to make certain clubs jealous, even to the point of making coaches leave. It was obviously a question of evoking Marseille, when Jorge Sampaoli had just left because of a disagreement with Pablo Longoria on recruitment. Since then, Bruno Cheyrou has been turned on by a lot of people, very often accompanied by Vincent Ponsot. However, Jean-Michel Aulas maintained his confidence in the manager of the transfer market, and it is logically that the latter mentioned the next adjustments to be made in order to meet the requirements of Laurent Blanc.

OL will strengthen, yes but not too much

Bruno Cheyrou does not hide it, he wants the new coach of Olympique Lyonnais to have the players he wants, but he admits however that no madness will be done and that OL will be careful in the winter transfer window. ” The transfer window will not start until the 1st.ᵉʳ January so before the 1ᵉʳ January there will be no arrivals. On the other hand, that does not actually prevent us from talking about it with Laurent and talking about it with the staff, talking about it with the president, with Vincent Ponsot, so that we can precisely take the full measure of the adjustments that Laurent wants to be able to make to this workforce. If there are adjustments to be made within the limits of the possible and despite the constraints that we may have, we will of course try to modify slightly, to adjust this workforce so that Laurent is the most satisfied and can work as he wants to do it. I think that’s been the philosophy of the club and the president for quite some time. “, remarked, on the OL TV channel, the boss of the Lyon recruitment unit.

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