OL: Azmoun caught up with a trial, emergency in the transfer window

Target number 1 of Olympique Lyonnais during this winter transfer window, Sardar Azmoun wants to leave the Zenith Saint-Petersburg from this month of January. And the Russian press thinks they know why.

Sardar Azmoun left with his teammates from the Russian club to Dubai where Zenith Saint Petersburg begins a training camp on Thursday. For the moment, the Iranian striker does not seem to have to leave the training with whom he still has six months of contract, and this even if several clubs including of course Olympique Lyonnais are cited as possible points of fall. for the scorer. However, according to several Russian media, and in particular SportKP, if Sardar Azmoun insists so much on abandoning the Zenith Saint Petersburg from this month of January, and not next June when he will be at the end of his contract, it is because justice could catch up with him quickly for a private matter. Indeed, a young girl from Tatarstan, whose capital is Kazan, where Azmoun played, claims that in May 2021 she had a daughter born from her relationship with the Iranian striker. Having no more news from the Zenith player, the mother therefore asked the justice that a DNA test be carried out, in order to prove that he is the father but the player did not appear in court during a first hearing.

Following this absence, a new hearing has been set for next February, the Russian courts are indeed taking their time, particularly in this type of paternity recognition case. ” We now understand the reluctance of the player to stay at the Zenith and extend his contract, which lasts until the summer of 2022, as well as his desire to quickly join a foreign club. Indeed, in the event of the departure of the football player from the country, the affair will cease de facto », Explains Maxime Tranevski, journalist for the Russian sports media, who affirms that the lawyers of the young woman are forcing so that the file is treated as quickly as possible before Sardar Azmoun is possibly transferred to Lyon, Juventus or elsewhere.

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