OL are 13th, but with an incredible coach

Like Sylvinho in his time, Peter Bosz arrived with the intention of revolutionizing OL and offering a polished and offensive game capable of having a big impact on Ligue 1.

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While the Brazilian hasn’t lasted more than three months, the Dutchman is barely doing any better when it comes to play and results. The Peter Bosz method does not seem to pass in a workforce that the Dutch find, according to some indiscretions, not hard enough, disciplined and above all of quality. If he does not straighten the bar quickly, the former coach of Ajax Amsterdam may take the door, and elimination by penalty in the Coupe de France clearly does not help save the furniture. This is what deplores in a first Moussa Dembélé. ” We are penalized when we have nothing to do with it. We are in the field, our job is to play football. We don’t really understand the decision, but we have to accept it “, Underlined the OL striker, who must therefore put aside one of the objectives of the Lyon season.

Peter Bosz is the man for the job

So make way for the championship, with a clash against PSG which must be the wake-up call for Lyon, this Sunday evening. ” He is the leader but we are OL, we are not afraid of anyone. It’s up to us to get into the field and give it our all. We have a quality group so no, I would even say that’s ideal. It’s up to us to prove who we are “Demanded the former striker trained in … PSG, and who knows that a new defeat would really put OL very far from European places. To the point of costing Peter Bosz his place? Maybe, but Dembélé believes that the Dutch manager is clearly not the reason for the current poor performance. ” He’s a coach who I think is underestimated in the industry. For having worked with great coaches, I put him at the top of the list. He has the backing of the locker room, he’s 100% man for the job “, Underlined a Moussa Dembélé who displays at least a total solidarity with his coach despite a very limited playing time, and this for several reasons, this season.

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