OL: Anthony Lopes aggressor, he demands a “strong sanction”

Olympique Lyonnais will have to do without their titular goalkeeper at least for the next Ligue 1 match. Expelled against Ajaccio, Anthony Lopes is still at the heart of a controversy.

It didn’t take long to find out the subject of the first controversy of the Ligue 1 season. Even if he apparently apologized to his Lyon team-mates, Anthony Lopes was once again sent off after a suicide attack during the match against Ajaccio. Even if the OL goalkeeper understood that he had committed the irreparable, and did not contest this sanction contrary to what he did in the past, he finds himself once again at the heart of the critics , even though last season he had made great progress in this sector. It remains to be seen what the Disciplinary Committee of the Professional Football League will decide following this red card, but for Ludovic Obraniak, it is clear that Anthony Lopes must take a heavy sanction in order to understand definitively that it was no longer necessary do anything. And the former player let loose on the one who in his career had only two red cards, counting that of Friday evening at Groupama Stadium.

Exemplary punishment against Anthony Lopes?

On the set of the Evening Team, Ludovic Obraniak demanded from the sports authorities that they be merciless with the goalkeeper of Olympique Lyonnais. ” The facts are there, and Lopes is a repeat offender, you have to be careful what he does. His exit, it becomes embarrassing and dangerous, it brings back bad memories (…) Each time, it is noted, it is sanctioned, but it remains. At some point, you have to make strong decisions regarding Anthony Lopes’ releases so that he realizes it. It was 2 or 3 matches last time, you have to punish harder. Certainly he can have commitment in his game, and we can understand that, but no other goalkeeper does that and he endangers the integrity of the opposing attackers. It’s one time too many and for that, he deserves to be heavily punished so that he can finally become aware of the seriousness of his behavior. “Explained the former Lille and Bordeaux player about the experienced OL goalkeeper who will know the price to pay for his expulsion next week.

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