OL: Anthony Lopes accused, the shadow of the transfer window returns

Olympique Lyonnais started their season with a victory against AC Ajaccio, but Peter Bosz was probably not reassured by the fault which earned Anthony Lopes his sending off. From the first day of Ligue 1, the goalkeeper fell back into his ways.

After a 2021-2022 season during which he seemed to have erased his old demons, and after extending his contract with OL, Anthony Lopes could calmly start the championship. Especially since this summer no rumors about the possible signing of a goalkeeper circulated unlike last year when Peter Bosz wanted to recruit André Onana. But after just 27 minutes, against Ajaccio, the Portuguese international goalkeeper got himself into trouble in an aerial outing against El Idrissy, which earned him a logical expulsion and a penalty for Ajaccio. In the space of a few seconds, we saw the Lopes completely unable to manage his gestures and that obviously put pressure back on the 31-year-old goalkeeper. To the point that some even wonder if it will not end up being expensive.

Anthony Lopes too feverish? Peter Bosz could crack

At the microphone of RMC, Walid Acherchour opened the debate on the impact of this expulsion of Anthony Lopes and on the old Lyon ghosts who woke up suddenly against Ajaccio. “ Once again, this is problematic for Olympique Lyonnais. There it is anecdotal, because there is victory at the end, but it is still in the 30th minute and there is a penalty, he must make the + and – of the outings. There, OL lead 2-0, the start of the match is perfect with the return of Lacazette, and even if on the action scores, OK it’s 2-1 but at 11 against 11. There, he makes a suicide attack . Last year, there was the Onana threat which hovered and after the match against Ajaccio it relaunched negative waves on Olympique Lyonnais, it did not dispel doubts and debates », points out the consultant. In the meantime, Peter Bosz must count on Rémy Riou, who played his very first match in an OL jersey on this occasion, he who was born in Lyon and took his first license in this club.

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