OL also belongs to Reebok, but keeps Adidas

John Textor did not buy Olympique Lyonnais alone, since his partner, Jamie Salter, is in the round. The latter is the owner of the Reebok brand.

It is now official, Olympique Lyonnais will quickly belong to Eagle Football Holdings, an American company headed by John Textor, but which includes two other very high level investors, Bill Foley and Jamie Salter. The first is notably the owner of the Las Vegas ice hockey team, which plays in the very prestigious NHL, while the second is the owner of Authentic Brands. In its portfolio, Authentic Brands notably has the magazine Sports Illustrated, but also the Reebok brand, acquired from Adidas in 2021, for nearly 2.5 billion dollars. We can also note that among those who have invested in Authentic Brands, there is also CVC Partners, which has also invested in the commercial company set up by the Professional Football League.

Reebok and Lyon, yes but no…

While Olympique Lyonnais is under contract with Adidas, the Rhone club’s premium partner, it might seem logical for Alexandre Lacazette to play in a Reebok jersey in the coming seasons, even if the brand had turned its back on football teams in recent years. years, Adidas preferring to highlight its brand rather than that of Reebok. But with the takeover by Jamie Salter, the idea of ​​seeing OL become the gondola head of the brand to make a big comeback in football at the highest level made sense. Questioned on this subject, John Textor was amused by it, but swept away this hypothesis. ” I am also accompanied by Jamie Salter, but no Reebok will not replace Adidas (laughs)”, specified the new strong man of Olympique Lyonnais, who received as a gift from Jean-Michel Aulas a jersey flocked with his name … and the Adidas brand.

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