Oh the love! Gabi Martins and Tierry celebrate their first year together: ‘Our best choice’

Gabi Martins and Tierry completed a year of dating. To celebrate the date, the couple posted romantic photos on Instagram this Monday (10). In the images, the former BBB appears sitting on the singer’s lap in a hammock, where the two exchanged a passionate kiss.

“1 year of dating. 1 year of our best choice. Happy to have you by my side every day. May many years come, baby! I love you, so much”, wrote the artists, who used the same text in their posts. Gabi and Tierry even used hashtags like “1 year” and “our 10th day”.

The clicks caused a furor among followers who filled the post with loving messages. “Many, many years to come”, wished one. “Perfect”, said another. “Top couple”, praised a third. “Be happier and happier,” said one.God always protect your union,” added another.

Gabi and Tierry took over the relationship on social media during the trip to Morro de São Paulo, located on Tinharé Island, Bahia.

Gabi Martins and Tierry’s relationship

Since the relationship between Gabi Martins and Tierry became public, at the end of 2020, the relationship between the singers can only be described by one adjective: intense. Since then, there have been ups and downs. To withstand the turmoil, the couple bonded even more.

The couple gives details of the beginning of the romance

In a previous interview, Gabi Martins told details of the beginning of her relationship with Tierry. “He declared himself to me by direct, said he loved me and, at first, I got scared, I said, ‘no, you’re confusing things’, we’re just friends”, recalled the Minas Gerais woman.

“I already looked at her and thought, ‘what a beautiful girl’, and that she treated me in an extremely affectionate way. I realized later that this was her way with everyone and I, obviously, gave that basic confused”, assumed Tierry .

“Actually, she dumped me (laughs). But it’s that saying, isn’t it? Soft water on hard stone, it hits so much that it breaks”, amended the musician.

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