Official James Bond announcement: First talks about the new 007 have taken place

After “No Time to Die” the question arises who will inherit Daniel Craig as James Bond. Those responsible have already given some thought.

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“No time to die” started in cinemas in Germany just under two months ago. But that doesn’t stop fans from speculating who could become the next James Bond and stars from getting involved in the coveted role. The film marked the fifth and final film with Daniel Craig as Agent 007, who managed to score at the box office despite the pandemic.

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On the official side, too, the search for the next Bond actor has already begun. That has Pamela Abdy, Producer at MGM, revealed in an in-depth interview with The Hollywood Reporter. When asked who the next 007 will be, she said: “It’s completely open. We had preliminary talks with Barbara very early on [Broccoli] and Michael [Wilson] Run, but we wanted Daniel [Craig] has his last hurray. “

Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson are responsible for the “James Bond” brand and have been producing the films since Pierce Brosnan’s Bond. So nothing has been decided yet about the successor to Daniel Craig, but those responsible have certainly already discussed the direction with which the series can be continued. We too have thought about the next Bond actor:

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Even Dwayne Johnson would like to be James Bond

By now, it seems that all the stars who are currently popular have expressed their interest in James Bond, regardless of whether they are British or not. Most recently, “Red Notice” star Ryan Reynolds jokingly stated that he would mimic the agent if he were allowed to drink gin and tonic instead of a martini. His colleague Dwayne Johnson would also rather be 007 than a villain in a “James Bond” movie.

In addition to the two non-British actors, “Spider-Man” star Tom Holland, “Eternals” star Richard Madden and Tom Hopper (“Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City”) were repeatedly brought up for discussion. Whether it will actually be one of these candidates or one of the well-known favorites, such as Tom Hardy (“Venom 2”), remains to be seen. Barbara Broccoli had announced that they would not decide until 2022 who will follow in Daniel Craig’s footsteps.

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How well do you know the legendary agent?

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