Océane El Himer opportunistic and hypocritical? A candidate from Marseille tackles her violently

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The filming of Marseillais vs the rest of the world 6 was not easy. Friends at the start of the adventure, Océane El Himer and Laura Marra almost got into a fight. Their relationship quickly deteriorated over the episodes, to the point that they are now enemies. During an interview with the channel Youtube VdBuzz, the reality TV candidate did not hesitate to knock out Marine El Himer’s twin sister: “Océane, there is not only one word to define her. She is dumb, interested, opportunistic, vicious and she has a bad background” she thus began.

Visibly up against Océane El Himer, Laura Marra continued her diatribe by declaring: “She has a lot of vices. She’s like the stupid girl but she is not at all and knows very well what she is doing. Opportunistic because she stays with the right people, she is enormously interested. We all have a bit of an opportunistic side to our work, but this is even in real life. Fake ass because she makes like that she likes you but in fact, she criticizes you 24 hours a day, it’s a viper’s tongue, she criticizes all the time.”

Finally, Laura Marra also lamented the hypocrisy of Océane El Himer: “Honestly, I gave her everything, I trusted her and she betrayed me many times, she was talking behind my c * l.” Clearly, tensions are high between the two young women. Everything suggests that they will not be reconciled anytime soon. If the main concerned has not responded to the negative remarks of the Marseillaise, this is clearly not the first time that she has been taken to task. As proof, Bastos recently tackled Océane El Himer.

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