Occitanie: 13 presidents of departmental fire and rescue services put pressure on the state

Thirteen presidents of departmental fire and rescue services, including that of Gard, Alexandre Pissas, met in Narbonne on Tuesday, November 15.

After a summer of all dangers on the forest fire front, thirteen presidents of Sdis (Departmental Fire and Rescue Service) from the departments of Occitanie made a point at the Narbo Via museum in Narbonne invited by the Region.

They decided to put pressure on the state, worried about the lack of financial means.

The participants in this meeting hope that the State will increase its amount donated to Sdis as part of the insurance tax. “We are faced with President Macron’s commitments to increase the fire bonus by 3.5% for volunteer firefighters, which is deserved, inflation, purchases of trucks equipped to avoid a tragedy during a fire”summarizes Alexandre Pissas, president of Sdis du Gard.

The Gard was represented by the president of Sdis Alexandre Pissas (in the center).

€3 million more for Sdis


The latter will perhaps discuss this Friday, November 18 the financial situation of the Sdis during the departmental assembly during which an envelope of 3 M € will be paid “for the closure of the administrative account.” The high activity (fires, floods) and investments in equipment weigh heavily.

Alexandre Pissas recalls in passing the Gard preventive system: “We are one of the most efficient Sdis. The area burned was very limited compared to the number of fires. If it weren’t for these investments, we would have experienced the same dramatic situation as in Gironde”. The presidents of Sdis d’Occitanie want to avoid this scenario at all costs.

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