Obwalden and Nidwalden refuse to aim for carbon neutrality by 2040

Citizens of the cantons of Obwalden and Nidwalden on Sunday refused initiatives demanding that these cantons achieve carbon neutrality by 2040. Their governments and parliaments opposed them, believing that they were too restrictive.

In Obwalden

In Obwalden, the initiative was rejected by 73% of voters. It was launched by green parties and environmental protection organisations. The Obwalden parliament has judged that there are already enough abstract standards and a constitutional article will not save a single ton of CO2.

To oppose the initiative, the government invoked its “energy and climate concept 2035”. It provides for climate neutrality by 2048, two years earlier than the Swiss Confederation.

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In Nidwalden

In Nidwalden, a similar text was rejected by 74% of voters (8317 against 2996). Here, on the other hand, a counter-proposal was adopted by 61% (6808 against 4338). Turnout reached 37%.

The bourgeois parties in the Nidwalden parliament supported the principle of a constitutional article on the climate, but they did not want a binding date. The legislature has therefore drawn up a counter-project to the initiative. It invites the canton and the municipalities to limit climate change, without setting a date for achieving the objective.

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