“Obviously I’m doing something wrong”: a mother’s reaction to discovering that her child bullied another

A mother named Beth recently discovered that her son bullied another. She told what happened through her account TikTok (@bethgilleland95) appearing very sad, as he assured that he does not tolerate this behavior.

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According to a video that he shared on said social network, his little one, when he got home, told him that he had been threatened by a father for having ripped him off. “accidentally” the glasses from the face to a child. “I believed every word that came out of his mouth. I was so upset that a father felt it was acceptable to threaten my seven-year-old son. “said the woman.


She decided to go talk to the driver of the bus that had brought her son home, wanting to know exactly what happened. This is how she discovered that her little one had been bothering the boy because, due to his weight, he could not get out of the vehicle quickly.

“This boy turned to my son and said politely, ‘I’m going as fast as I can.’ My son ripped off his glasses and threw them at the back of the bus “said Beth, who when she found out everything went to the boy’s house and there she spoke with the boy’s father. He never threatened him, he only asked him the reason for his actions.

“I was so bullied at school because of my weight and I do not condone this behavior and it is not tolerated. I don’t know where to go from here. I’m obviously doing something wrong “, assured the mother. In addition, he maintained that his son would apologize to the boy for his actions.

The mother, in another video, also apologized to the child, stressing that he is one of the sweetest children she has ever met. The woman’s reaction to the whole situation was applauded by many users of different social networks.

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