Objective Rest of the World: Season 2 finally canceled? Nikola Lozina throws a big info

The Marseillais vs the rest of the World 6 is coming to an end and the name of the winning team has officially been revealed. And for this new cross, the team of RDM had the opportunity to train a few weeks before the adventure. For the first time, Nikola Lozina and her comrades went on an adventure. And this new show has done quite well on the audience side. So necessarily, Internet users want to know if a season 2 will be on the program. And on several occasions they asked Nikola Lozina the question. This time, the young man threw a big info, as you can see below.

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Nikola’s story – Credit (s): Instagram nikolalozina

As you may have seen, Nikola Lozina explains that there shouldn’t be a season 2 for Objective Rest of the World. On his Instagram story, he writes: “No season 2 on the menu apparently for the moment … We are certainly not one of the priorities, eh, lol”.

For information, if Objective Rest of the World has arrived on our screens, it’s because season 5 of Apprentice Adventurers could not be shot due to the health crisis. And as you know, the survival show will return in 2022 on W9 … Obviously, that could be the cause of the eviction ofORDM. Before knowing more, know that Victoria could integrate the filming of Marseillais.

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